Upbeat Parade Productions can provide all your needs to stage a great parade including:

  • Overall parade production and coordination.
  • Timeline development.
  • Budget development.
  • Develop or update parade invitations, contracts, acceptance and decline letters, parade rules and guidelines.
  • Initiate the mailing of unit invitations, acceptance or decline letters, contracts, rules and guidelines.
  • Develop a search for new prospective entries.
  • Search for units through regional and national organizations.
  • Make recommendations on unit participation.
  • Assist in the negotiation of contracts where applicable.
  • Develop professional relationships with all parade participants.
  • Oversee the entry requirements, hospitality and special needs.
  • Management and coordination of participants.
  • Develop a parade theme.
  • Develop the parade line-up; it's timing and pace.
  • Coordination with local city services and community officials.
  • Work with marketing and public relations representatives to promote the parade and obtain sponsors.
  • Volunteer job descriptions.
  • Provide professional expertise in the post-production evaluation.
  • Coordinate with television production.

And more.

Float and Parade workshops

Upbeat Parade Productions provides a float-building workshop for amateurs. This workshop provides ideas for all aspects of float building including design concept, vehicles to use for a float, building and decorating materials to use, and how to present a float on parade day. Upbeat Parade Productions also presents workshops on several parade topics, including parade day organization, adding excitement to your parade and a blueprint for parade planning.