Graphic / Web  &&  Front-End
service web

  • Graphic design
    Combines art and technology to develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites.

  • Web design
    Good design is good business. All graphic, UI, UX, and front-end will become a good design. This will be effective way to support users friendly.
The website is the foundation of your online presence. Your website should impress you, impress your customers, and make you money. Each website can be graded on a scale from 1 to 10, if your website is below 5, this will indicate that your website need to be updated.

♦  Does functionality, navigation, and the ability rank well in the search engines for the right keywords?
♦  We design all of our websites to be search engine friendly with the appropriate tags.

  • Logo Design
    Set you apart in the marketplace. It is your identity brand. We can help you design it that fits your budget.

  • Web Animation
    This is the key to keep visitors from the first 5 minutes. This is impressive and important for demonstrating a interesting and professional website.
Database && Back-End
service database

Database Applications Development

How we design and implement databases Windows platform:
  • Create web applications that interact with database back–ends
  • Design database applications using relational and object–oriented design methodology with UML
  • Develop test plans and test cases for quality assurance
  • Create and maintain SQL Server Database Management System
  • Design and implement a Data Warehouse
  • Understand security issues related to web applications and databases

Programming Languages

How we code:
  • Markup: HTML CSS HTML5 CSS3
  • Server-side: PHP Java JSP(Java Server Page)
  • Scripting: JavaScript JQuery Ajax
  • Database: MySQL
Social Media - Marketing
marketing social media smart goals


is written and up-to-date on website, as well as the meta data helps the site in the earch engines. Moreover, the images are displayed on the website make use of the techniques. Without the proper content, search engines will not pick up the website.

Social Media Strategy

Base on an online profile, a company uses this tool in the context of a large marketing goal. What is your point? Focus on it and remember that
Passion is the fuel of social media,
It is about people.
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