User can monitor moisture content in soil and turn on/off water delivery using a cloud application and cell phone, called Internet-of-Things (IOT) device.

It is difficult to know moisture content in soil on daily basis. Frequently home and orchid owner water plants/trees, when it is not required. If soil has sufficient moisture already then over watering will just waste water, costing home and orchid owner money and time.

Moisture meter to measure water content in soil are already available. However these moisture meter just display moisture reading and do nothing else. To make it more useful, moisture reading in soil should be processed to make decision. If moisture content in soil is enough to leave plants/trees alone. If moisture content is not enough then home or orchid owner should be notified that plant or tree need to be watered.

We are working on a cloud application to monitor moisture content in soil. Also, cell phone application will be developed to notify owner if plants/trees should be watered. These devices will use internet or wireless for communication with network devices. Smart Moisture Meter will be an Internet of Things (IOT) device.

A schematic diagram for Smart Moisture Meter layout is given below in Figure1. Moisture Meter will use water content sensors in soil. Moisture content reading will be transmitted to could using internet or wireless gateway. A web application will display moisture content reading from soil. User will be able to program watering time using web application. Also, user can start watering of plants/trees manually at any time.

Patent Pending

GREEN Watering System can be constructed using ABS plastic or other suitable materials. Each piece of the device may measure approximately 4’ in length and 3” in width, and when installed, the device may feature a diameter of 12”. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.