GREEN Watering System is a water containment device which helps hold water underneath plants, ensuring the plant is properly maintained and healthy over long periods of time. The device helps prevent water from running away from the plant before it has the chance to absorb nutrients.

GREEN Watering System is a flexible strip used to form a barrier around a plant, preventing water from flowing away and ensuring the plant can absorb all water necessary for optimal growth. The device can be comprised of an impermeable, flexible plastic strip with saw-like teeth that run along the bottom portion. The teeth allow users to dig it into the ground without assistance from other tools.

Patent Pending

GREEN Watering System can be constructed using ABS plastic or other suitable materials. Each piece of the device may measure approximately 4’ in length and 3” in width, and when installed, the device may feature a diameter of 12”. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.