ABOUT GREEN Watering System

When watering plants, the water can often flow away from the plant before the roots can absorb the water. People may then overwater a plant, increasing water consumption over extended periods of time. Some places in the world are highly susceptible to drought conditions and overusing water can be problematic. It can often take a considerable amount of time to water plants, especially if too much water flows away and more water is needed.

  • Provides gardeners and plant owners with a way to reduce the amount of water flowing away from a plant after it has been watered.
  • Forms a barrier around a plant, saving water usage by approximately 50 to 75% to ensure optimal growth.
  • Helps alleviate excess water usage in areas of the world susceptible to extended water droughts.
  • Saves time and effort when watering a plant by ensuring a plant is fully watered with as little water usage as possible.