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  1. Service to be rendered for the transportation of passengers and their baggage, between various locations in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose airports, over and along pre-designated routes.
  2. Service will include the transportation of baggage when accompanied by fare paying passengers.
  3. The route descriptions given in one direction will apply to operation in either direction unless otherwise indicated.
  4. Service perform shall be 7 days per week, 363 days per year.
  5. Condition of service: Those passengers taken to airports will be expected to telephone for service at least 24 hours in advanced for pick up. All efforts will be made to communicate even those that call in less than the 24 hours period, but requests will be turned down or will be referred to another company when vehicles are not available. Passengers will be expected to stand at the designated pick up points at designated times of pick up.
  6. No passenger shall be transported except those having points of origin or destination.
  7. Service shall be rendered via a direct route from the point of origin to the point destination of a passenger, except that when more than one passenger is to be transported in a single vehicle, service shall be rendered by the most direct routing possible, taking into consideration the various point of origin and destination of several passengers.
  8. Children under fourteen (14) year of age must be accompanied by an adult passenger.
  9. Children 6 years of age and older will be charged full adult fare. No charge under 6 years of age.
  10. Lost articles (baggage) will be reimbursed by company, up to a limit of $100.00 maximum per paid passenger.



  1. Children under six years of age when accompanied by an adult passenger and not occupying seats to the exclusion of other passenger will be allowed free transportation.
  2. Children six years of age and older will be charged full adult fare.



The Carrier reserves the right to refuse transport to any person having in his or her possession explosive, inflammable, object or drug, or anyone incapable of taking ordinary care of him or herself, or one whose behavior is such as to be objectionable to passengers or prospective passengers. If such a person endeavors to use his or her transportation same will be taken up and refund made.



The person entitled to the refund at fare paid when no portion of the trip has been made, and at the difference between the fare paid, and the published fare between the points used, if trip is discounted and not completed.



  1. Ticket will be limited to 30 days in addition to date of sale.
  2. Tickets are not transferable.



  1. Hand baggage not exceeding fifty (50) pounds in weight for each adult fare, and not exceeding twenty-five (25) pounds in weight for each half fare, will be carried free.
  2. Baggage in excess of 2 will be carried for minimum charge of $2 per baggage in addition to the fare.
  3. The liability of this carrier for the loss or damage to any baggage shall not suitcase or traveling bag, box, bundle, or package and contents, unless a higher value is declared at the time of delivery of such baggage to the carrier and assented thereto in writing by the carrier.



  1. Dogs, cats, birds or other animals will not be carried except as provide herein below: a dog trained for the purpose of accompanying a blind person (paying full fare) not accompanied by a seeing attendant, will be carried free of charge. Such dog must be properly harnessed and muzzled, and must lie or stand at the feet of the blind person.
  2. This carrier will not grant stopovers.
  3. This company will not be liable for delays caused by accident, breakdown, bad condition of the roads, or other beyond control, and it does not guarantee arrival at maintain the schedule submitted by its agent or employee, but same is not guaranteed.
  4. If an act of God, public enemies, authority of law quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strokes, the hazards of dangers incident to a state of war, accidents, break downs, bad condition of the road, snow storms and other conditions beyond its control make it, in the opinion of the carrier, inadvisable to operate coaches either from the place of origin or any point en route the carrier shall not be liable therefore, or be held for damages for any reason whatsoever.



  1. Any additional passenger and/ or extra size baggage (more than two) will be charged $10/- extra.
  2. The credit card service charge will be 10% or $5/- minimum.
  3. There will be additional charge of $10/- for service between 11 PM and 5:30 AM.
  4. Extra $8/- will be charged depending on the location
  5. To carry a day double period.


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